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Saint Nikolaos

The temple was founded in 1849 with drawings of G. Mataxa, and it was inaugurated officially in 1870, without has been completed the internal decor. 

In form of cross, he is placed in a courtyard with marbled parapet and railing. It belongs in the press royal. 

Scale of height of 4 m. leads to the fully marbled central department of facade, that has in on a level with the ground with form of gallery in four Ionjkous kiones and two parastades with Corinthian epikrana.


The Saint George's Cathedral

The first church was built in 1200 A.D. and since then it has been rebuilt three times. The church today, dating since 1834, is a three-aisle basilica and is decorated with great icons. Among them is the icon of "Lady of Hope", which the Catholics of Syros worship.

In 1652 it became Metropolis. Bishop Andreas kargas and his secretary were beheaded by the Turks in 1617. Then most of the Episcopate Archives were destroyed. The material that was saved has been kept since then in the Historic Studies Centre of the Catholic Episcopate, where there are very important documents referring to the history of the island.


The Temple of Anastasi

Built in the top of hill Dili, this orthodox church resembles it compensates the dominating form the catholic Saint George in the hill of Ano Syra. The initial (1858) drawing of Municipality Ermoupolis was to set up in the place, a monument of killed persons at the Revolution, that was placed finally front in the Saint Nikolaos, the new church was dedicated however in the "Resurrection of Nation"
It was founded in 1873, with drawings of Dim. Eleytheriadi, but was completed hardly 1909. It is temple with ground plan in form of cross and with troll, rather heavy, with walls carved and toothed films from bricks in the aspects and round frames of openings.

In the interior has enough neo classics elements, wood maiden pulpit (copy of pulpit of Ag. Nikolaos) and throne, and a lot of portable pictures of 19th century.


Thursday, 21 June 2018